Unik™ Control Center

The reaching power of self-service technology become actualized when larger numbers of kiosks are centrally controlled and are accessible by our "Unified Networked Intelligent Kiosk"  Control Center.  Unik™ Control Center releases the maximum potential of all kiosks within a network by allowing a central point where advertisements, rich content, and systems administration can all be performed and monitored globally. 

The ability to reach more customers and increase sales potential can be correlated to the number of kiosks readily accessible to them.  However, strength in numbers can only be effectively realized when it can be harnessed, channeled, and unified to act as one. As the number of system increases, so does the complexity and cost of operating and managing them.  In that same light, the potential global reach to customers are not maximized without an effective centralized content deployment and management system.

Unik Control Center is the answer:  A powerful unified command center to centrally manage your network of kiosks, incorporating an integrated rich content management system (CMS), a secured scalable operation management system (OMS), and versatile data analytics reporting engine.

Designed from the ground up to support up to 25,000* kiosk clients, Unik provides a scalable solution to fit any deployment.  Core management features include:

  • Advertisement and Campaign Manager
  • Content and Media Manager
  • System Administration
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Data Analytics and Reporting

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* Number of supported kiosk clients dependent on several key factors such as server hardware, server count, number of kiosks, and network bandwidth availability.


  • Ads And Ad Campaign Design and Publication

  • Rich Content Deployment and Management

  • Scheduling and Targeting of Content and Systems Updates

  • Administration, System Management, and Remote Access

  • Operation Management and Real Time Monitoring

  • Data Warehouse and Analytics for Reporting

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  • Granular Advertisement Targeting Platform

  • Centralized and Global Administration

  • Enterprise Level Security, Scalability, and Fault Tolerance 

  • Informed Decision-making Data Analytics and Demographic Analysis Engine 

  • Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership

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